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MTE, Display DrivesMTE, Display Drives


Newly Developed: Turntable SW 300 - Available Now!

-> Centric load up to 30 kg:

->  Belt drive with very low noise and robust power transmission:

-> Nearly wear-free safety clutch

-> Stronger bearing supported shaft for bigger and taller display objects

-> Optional: slip ring or outcomming cable through hollow shaft


… Therefore, particularly suitable as motor drive for show cases, trade shows, mannequins or as display turntable.


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Newly Developed: "Tumbling Motor Drive MTA 010" Available Now !

-> Centric load up to 1 kg:

-> Particularly for presentations of tumbling and rolling motions of boats.

-> Silent motor drive with metal components only.

-> Based on the motor drive MU 010.


Special application for models of boats, vehicles and toys at trade shows and for show cases.

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