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MTE, Display DrivesMTE, Display Drives


Changing Management on August 1st, 2018

On August 1st, 2018 Mr. Norman Rothacker has given MTE Bewegungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG into new hands. According to this succession his wife Mrs. Bettina Rothacker who worked long-standing as sales manager for the company is leaving MTE as well. Due to the retirement of the married couple Norman and Bettina Rothacker two highly esteemed superiors are leaving the company. The whole MTE-Team is wishing Norman and Bettina all the best for the future and that all wishes, which had to wait for such a long time, may come true. 
Thomas Bauer is the new owner of MTE Bewegungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG.
I joined the company as assistant to the management in April 2000. Later on I Became manager of production and development. Due to this long-standing experience I do not only know the products perfectly but also the employees as well as the corporate philosophy.
As trained industrial mechanic specializing in equipment and precision engineering I graduated the bachelor professional of technical management (CCI) as well as the master of business management (CCI) during my professional years at evening schools. All these qualifications were just possible because of my wife who supports me constantly and cared for the education of our already grown children.
The mixture of apprenticeship, further education, professional experience and the social component of the family with all its ups and downs prepared me perfectly for this task. 
I am wishing for all our customers, suppliers, employees and interested persons a continuing good cooperation in achieving our common goals.


Newly Developed Turntable SW 300 - Available Now!

-> Centric load up to 30 kg:

->  Belt drive with very low noise and robust power transmission:

-> Nearly wear-free safety clutch

-> Stronger bearing supported shaft for bigger and taller display objects

-> Optional: slip ring or outcomming cable through hollow shaft


… Therefore, particularly suitable as motor drive for show cases, trade shows, mannequins or as display turntable.


Please find out more...

New Tumbling Drive MTA 010

-> Centric load up to 1 kg:

-> Particularly for presentations of tumbling and rolling motions of boats.

-> Silent motor drive with metal components only.

-> Based on the motor drive MU 010.


Special application for models of boats, vehicles and toys at trade shows and for show cases.

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